30 November 2009

Erin Dollar's Beard (and Moustache) Gift Guide

Erin Dollar (the beard-minded brain behind I Made You a Beard) has compiled another great holiday gift list for those of us with hairy face stuff on our minds. If you’re gonna buy, buy beardy.

27 November 2009

Black Friday: 101 Moustache (and Beard) Gift Giving Ideas

Coty Gonzales compiled some of the perfect gifts of and relating to moustachery (and beardiness). You may have seen several of these on the Revue before, but it’s nice to have a refresher. So between nog sips and TV time outs, check out this stellar list.

20 November 2009

Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama

Did you say Moustache-O-Rama? Yes, please!

‘A moustache maketh the man’, as a wise man once said, and never has that old axiom been more prurient than now, with the introduction of Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama! Come one, come all, and play with his lordship’s facial fuzz!
Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama is a perfect fun for Movember. Have Lord Likely try on myriad moustaches, including: The Caterpillar, The Village Idiot, The Colonel, The Thompson & Thompson, The Uphill Gardner, The Chuff Duster, The Ringmaster and many more!

Thanks to Michael Whaite for putting this together for Lord Likely, and Joshua Jabbour for sending sending it my way.

19 November 2009

Beard the celebrities

Arnold Schwarzenegger

And Freaking News has a few pictures of what celebrities would look like with beards in a more realistic setting…

Shania Twain

18 November 2009

Beard the beardless

There is a Croatian illustrator, geek and an all around alright kinda guy putting beards on hitherto naked-faced folks—like Batman, Clint Eastwood, RoboCop and several others. It’s about time!

Vanja Mrgan has already posted a few stellar de-shaven illustrations and will continue to do so throughout the month. Keep up with his posts here.

17 November 2009

Beard Cage

You’ve seen this, right? Dean Beakin enters a bearding competition from back in the VHS ages and throws down an ace: a beard cage with a working door! Ridiculous and awesome and ridiculously awesome, right?

I’m still searching for details, like when and if that’s really how you spell his name (Beacon is more likely, right?). Stay tuned.

Moustache droppings

Cats own the internet. We know this. But moustaches aren’t far behind. Just do a quick search on etsy or flickr and see what you find. And Movember is a month-long parade of moustaches. (In fact, if you or some one you know starts up a Cats ’n’ Staches web site featuring all cats with moustaches, Beard Revue will send you a Beard poster.)

So here a few items that have been popping up in my inbox:

Sarah Neuburger (The Small Object) from the land of boild peanuts and sweat iced tea created these miniature mighty moustache magnets. This would look perfect on my fridge. I can haz chrifsmas present?

Headict.com has a ski mask with interchangeable moustaches!

Dig this digital painting by Marilia Martins. We could always use another facial hair chart…

Ontario’s own Christa Savietto of Norm and Lou has figured out a way for your iPod (or Blackberry) and your keychain to grow moustaches. So if you were wondering how your pockets could be filled with any more awesome, here’s your cue.

Zack Maxfield Forer is willing to wear his Milk Moustache on his sleeve the front of his T-shirt. Aren’t you?

Catherine Anne Hiley illustrated a series of hand-printed greeting cards that includes this one, gently reminding the recipient of the card that there’s really no excuse not to don a moustache.

Okay, that’s all for now. Tomorrow, it’s back to bearding.

16 November 2009


The Road Less Pedaled is a fantastic blog for the bicycling enthusiast that I posted about a while back (though it never made its way onto the Revue). Basically, they got rid of all their crap and decided to bike around the United States, the way we were meant to live. And Laura Crawford, brilliant artisan that she is, has been making metal handlebar moustaches to insure the good looks of bikes throughout the world and to help fund her trip.

So take the road less pedaled, grow a moustache and get a real handlebar for your bicycle.

Thanks for writing in, Scott!

09 November 2009

Maurice Sendak

Where the Wilde Things Are author Maurice Sendak has a lot of reason to be proud these days. His most famed children’s book is enjoying a resurgence of popularity due to the fashionable film in theaters everywhere. He’s a funny, old curmudgeon with a cornucopia of fantastic interviews of late. And he has a beard.

Sendak choses to trim tight—like Kevin Flynn is bolting through his jawline to an oasis of circle beard. But just as geometry is employed, so is the spirit of Sendak’s inner “wild thing” restrained. The unbridled spirit of a beard his does not contain. And isn’t that the true nature of a wild thing? Unabashed awesomeness?

For some writers and artists, constraints are put in place in order to produce something wonderful. This may be true of Sendak’s beard, as his illustrations are much better bearded than he is. Maybe his beard was only truly manifested in his illustrations.

The sad fact is that his beard is nearly unnoticeable from a distance and sorely disjointed from his very own work. Thankfully, Sendak chose to embearden his lovable monsters.


05 November 2009

First Thursday Beard Art

Beards Are Great. Period. George Mitchell knows this all too well.

Julia McNamara is a Seattle designer who loves to add that extra little texture to her illustrations. What’s better than a textured beard? The Bunyan-esque and Santa Beard notecards are awesome, for sure. But the Love in a Trash Can limited print is priceless. Especially if you saw HUMP!

Keep up with McNamara’s latest, texture-y work on her blog. Texture.

Stellar salt and pepper shakers—by Jim and Jenny of Paperdoll Woodshop—only come around once in a blue moon. Thus, they are already sold out. Hopefully the shop will produce a few hundred more soon!

Unconcerned with the heat of southern California, Kristina Collantes manages some very awesome viking-esque beardy bits. For your own bearding needs, be sure to check out Erin Dollar’s variety of yarn and felt prosthetics.

Mustache Friend with Bird by Chicago’s own Laura Berger is available as a 5" x 7" print.

Fruits with Facial Hair set on Flickr. Everything looks better with facial hair.

Vinyl Laboratory offers this gem. No matter who you are, at least you can look good in the mirror.

Chad Eaton of Timber Preservation Society has been featured on the Revue before. Above are Swinging Beard and Swinging Stache on acrylic and wood; below is the Corporate Machine T-shirt.

Old or new, your beard is going to make you look wiser. That’s because you are wiser. Scottish illustrator John Alan Birch knows this. And thanks to ShareSomeCandy, so do we all.

Robin Stannard swears he’s going to finish and print his It ain’t weird to have a beard sketch. Until that day comes, at least we can check in on the Londoner’s progress on his blog, Full Beard.

Shawnimals have announced their Winter Ninja as part of their ongoing Fall Moustachio Madness campaign.

Wendy McNaughton of San Francisco has a treasure trove of amazing illustrations on her blog. This one, featured over at OK Great, was particularly noteworthy.

Pennsylvania designer Stuart Romanek knows what constitutes a good time in the USA: a sweet moustache.

What’s better than an iBend to prop up your iPhone or iPod? A moustachioed iBend.

Obey the Beard T-shirt from Comic Blasphemy, who even have a spot on their web site for beard bad assery.

Weekly Desktop #45 illustrated by Made in England’s Simon Cook is one of the better moustache charts you’ll find.

Also, Cookie’s own moustache is kinda brilliant.

BEARD by 2Wheel Studio (Bill Ferenc and Lindsey Lesh) in the twin cities of Los Angeles and Minneapolis. This piece hasn’t been produced yet—it still lives on a computer somewhere. Go to 2Wheel Studio and urge Bill and Lindsey to make posters or T-shirts already!

“Keep _____ Beard” is a sentiment any town could adopt. Aptly, Portland and Austin have done so with gusto. This Austin variation is by the supertalented Renee Fernandez of The Decoder Ring Design Concern.

{ $20 }

Beard Revue has about 20 of these original one-year anniversary prints left. More info here.

This art was found by a variety of means, not the least of which was electronic correspondence. Thanks to everyone who dropped a line!