22 July 2009

Richard Kegler’s Moustache on eBay

From big events like Movember and Bearduary to Richard Kegler auctioning off his moustache to benefit Western NY Book Arts Collaborative, beardies and moustachistas have got to be the most philanthropic folks ever.

So… bid now and bid high! Bidding starts at 0.99 USD.

About the charity:

Western NY Book Arts Collaborative exists to promote, encourage and develop Printing & Book related Arts through education and access for individual artists and underserved communities. Through active programs such as lectures, workshops and exhibitions, all facets of the printed word and image — printmaking, papermaking, illustration, design, writing, binding — can be explored and made accessible to the public as viewer and participant.
Thanks to Luke Wilhelmi for the heads-up.

Update: Kegler’s Moustache sold for $81.00 — not too shabby!

1 comment:

Phil said...

Born in Buffalo, NY, I was. Serious WNY pride right now. SERIOUS.