27 February 2010


Beard Revue logo
Beard Revue can now be found using Tumblr as its platform is now dormant.

From the Tumblr:

I’m finished with Beard Revue. 

It’s been great. At its peak, Beard Revue garnered over 11,000 visitors in a day. In 2010, Beard Revue was picked as Portland’s best blog by Willamette Week. And, of course, there was some inspired art.  

Beard Revue will live on through its archives at beardrevue.tumblr.com and beardrevue.blogspot.com.  

My online presence will reside mostly on my personal blog and the AIGA Portland blog, via my portfolio and in nescient Twitter ramblings. Don’t be a stranger.  

Thank you for your readership. Don’t shave. 

—Michael Buchino

12 February 2010

Misprint Beard & Moustache Contest

Reminder: Misprint’s Beard & Moustache Competition is only a week away!

Friday February 19, 2010 at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, Austin, Texas

  • Gnarliest Beard
  • Sweetest ’Stache
  • Ladies!
  • Freestyle Facial Hair
  • Fiercest Chops
  • Best Groomed
  • The Six-Month Sprint
Get there early! Tons of prizes and giveaways from the Mohawk, Birds, Real Ale and Misprint! Pint glasses! Coozies! Posters! Photobooth by Alison Narro. Contest entry will be limited!

Poster by Bryan Keplesky.

10 February 2010


You know that awesome 59-day month dedicated to bearding? Yeah, they send out a newsletter from time to time and it’s an easy way to catch up on the latest developments. In an act of sheer sloth, here is an excerpt copied directly from the last email.
February 13 -- Southeastern Regionals, Charleston, South Carolina, hosted by the Holy City Beard and Moustache Society. Welcoming party Friday night, Contestants and VIP Oyster Roast on Saturday, Competition Saturday night. Further info here.

February 13 -- All American City Beard and Moustache Contest, Somerville, Massachusetts, organized by BTUSA member Todd Easton and the Somerville Arts Council. Time: 3 pm. Place: Precint, 70 Union Square, Somerville. For more info email Todd at getyourbeardon@gmail.com.

February 19 -- Msiprint's Fourth Annual Beard and Moustache Competition, Austin, Texas. This is Misprint Magazine's gig, held with the cooperation of the Austin Facial Hair Society, a local chapter of Beard Team USA. This year's contest includes a six-month sprint category. In true Texas spirit, the AFHS is threatening to secede from BTUSA but for now they are still part of America's team. Further info here.

March 20 -- First Annual Philadelphia Beard and Moustache Competition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A non-gendered, non-judgmental celebration of a love of all things bearded and moustachio'd! Competition will be in several categories, you can sign up at the door, with the judging by the audience, slam-style. Come share your facial hair, drink some local beard themed-homebrew, and meet the Philadelphia beard community! Location: Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Avenue. Time: 8 pm. Suggested donation: $5. Questions? Contact Roo at werdnus@gmail.com or 540.588.4101; or Mica at mica.bt@gmail.com.

To sign up for the BTUSA newsletter go to this site and subscribe. www.beardteamusa.org
And if you haven't already sent in a photo of your beard to Bearduary this week, get to it. Thanks, Bearduary!

05 February 2010

Misprint Beard & Moustache Contest

Misprint Magazine is hosting its fourth annual beard and moustache competition on February 19 in Austin. Remember, beardos, bigger is better in Texas. Details below:

03 February 2010

Jason Bateman

Today continues a series of guest reviews for Beard Revue. Freelance writer Adrienne So is today’s guest reviewer.

Jason Bateman has made a career about being the level-headed nice guy on Arrested Development and in movies like Juno. Recent follicular developments, however, remind us that this guy didn't get his start playing the clean-cut straight man. Dude was Teen Wolf Too! Come on!

And for good reason. Bateman has the perfect complexion, face shape and personality to be bearded. His lower facial bristles cling happily to that determined lower jaw and emphasize, as all good beards should, the crinkles around his twinkly blue eyes. He could be Santa Claus in an earlier career incarnation.

The only thing that keeps ole Jase from reaching a perfect ten is the incongruity of his boyishly floppy mop top. We suspect (or hope) that Bateman is aiming for the wavy, long-haired perfection of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. It’s a lofty goal, and he’s still got a ways to go…still, kudos, Michael Bluth.